Career Dress

Aisha Claire at Apploi's New Year, Best You Success Fair 2016

Aisha Claire talks career dress and personal style with job seekers.

Recently I volunteered to run a day of workshops on career dress for Apploi's New Year, Best You Success Fair 2016 at Brooklyn Borough Hall. The Apploi app is a newly crafted experience for companies and hiring managers that helps people to find and apply for jobs in the retail, hospitality, service, and support industries. With features like audio and video responses when text alone may not show off your best you, this is a wonderful evolution in on line job candidate applications.

Apploi brought together industry experts for their first ever success fair of seminars, coaching, and a workplace-centric fashion show to kick off the New Year. The fair featured resume review and interview tips, pre-interview relaxation techniques, financial planning and budgeting, a tie tutorial station, professional makeup lessons, and of course the “Dress For The Best” workshops which I was asked to run. The participants passed through 20 minute sessions throughout the day, and received packets I created to show women how to dress for their particular body types and for men to see the details of proper suit fit versus common mistakes, the names of different shoe and boot styles, and a basic diagram of how to tie a tie.


Job seekers received the prep they need to tackle the application and interview process with acuity and grace. And Apploi capped the day with a giveaway of professional clothing collected during a clothing drive. It was a wonderful day and I was immensely thrilled to see so many faces light up when they felt the information they were receiving from me was valuable.


Immense thanks to Apploi for having me! These photographs of the day are courtesy of Apploi. Enjoy.