"Our company invited Perfectly Claire to run career dress workshops at our annual New Year, Best You Success Fair. She came prepared with worksheets, outlining styling suggestions for every male and female body type. She provided real, affordable and practical styling advice that is relevant to today's workplace. The videographer even commented on how the audience leaned in as she spoke. Aisha Claire was one of three style gurus invited to present at this event, and she was easily the most engaging and thorough of the three. It was a pleasure working with her." - I. Hanson., Apploi

"Aisha Claire has an amazing, beautiful energy! She breathed life into the wardrobe I thought was dead by showing me how to piece together things I already had but had never combined and helping me pick out just the right versatile things to add. I am so glad I called her. I’ve been way more organized in the morning and feel so good about myself as I go about my day. I would highly recommend her services." - Sylvia M. Stay-at-Home Mom

"Aisha came to my rescue by giving me much needed style education and a makeover for my law office wardrobe. There were a lot of things I did not understand - like my skin tone, whether I should be wearing warm colors or cool colors and how best to frame my face. Aisha taught me all of that so I came away with tools that I can use when I am shopping for clothes and coordinating outfits. She also spent 10 hours going through my closet and identifying what worked and what really needed to go. My closet is such a happier place now and getting ready for work is so much easier - especially with the pictures of the outfit combinations Aisha gave me so I won't forget. And I know she has my back because the next time I am desperately seeking an outfit for an event and I don't have time to shop I can trust her to help me find something because she really knows me! Oh - and people at work have totally taken notice. I've been getting lots of complements since the wardrobe makeover. Working with Aisha has given me a real confidence boost and it was totally worth it from a money perspective because she can work miracles with what you already have in your closet and she understood my budget for clothing (which is pretty modest). Thanks Aisha Claire!" -O. Banks., Attorney

I consider Aisha Claire a transformative guru. When I met her I mentioned to her I wanted a change in my life and my look as I approach 25, and in that instant, we decided to work together. With Aisha’s guidance, I found a way to have comfort in my transition of stepping out and finding the new. With a series of sessions we explored shapes, colors & tones and worked on cosmetics, brands and styles. I even found the confidence to coordinate a photo shoot in honor of my birthday. Through her custom questionnaire I was able to gain clarity of the person I wanted to see myself become.

I knew nothing about makeup. I mean I just understood the greatness of concealer last year after I graduated from college. Aisha definitely guided me into the right direction during one of our sessions at Sephora. As a dedicated thriftier, my closet is filled with prints, earth tones and vintage textures. The Express Wardrobe Edit helped me point out the strength in the diversity of my clothes and the weaknesses. For example my style often over aged me and lacked youthfulness. “You want to make an impact,” Aisha would say. So we went shopping. The knowledge and feedback I received from her gave me the boost to continue challenging myself in a creative space. I left each session feeling empowered about who I am now, and what I know I will become in the near future." -Duresny N., Assistant Account Executive, McCann New York

"Claire was warm, accommodating and very knowledgeable. We had a thorough discussion to make sure that whatever we decided for my wardrobe would properly accommodate my lifestyle. Her feedback was all tailored to my body and comfort levels. I never felt shamed, critiqued or picked apart—but rather encouraged to enhance my assets. I would recommend Perfectly Claire’s services to anyone—I changed my wardrobe for the better since!" - Lande Y., TV/Film Development and Casting Producer

"Perfectly Claire, love her service! Personable, yet professional. I love and admire her sense of detail to me. It's been a year and I am still focused on what was organized. How to group my "stuff" to keep or get rid of. I highly recommend her services. Living in New York you're hesitant about who you allow in your space, however Aisha Claire's service came with a great predictor of whom I will be dealing with.... I had a consultation and a scope of how long my reorg would take to complete. She delivered and was on time!" - Nicole O., Perfectly Claire Home Reorganization Client

Aisha Claire affectively changed my life by decluttering my mom’s small apartment. My mom was a hoarder, and I’d been in the space so long I was overwhelmed, with no idea how to begin cleaning. Aisha set a time and date, showed up on time, and kept things cheerful and positive, despite my endless apologies and fussing over the mess.

When she and her assistant were done, I filled a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I had access to my windows, and the sunlight now hit the entire room. I could breathe easier, no longer feeling suffocated by furniture and old memories. I could move without bruising myself on furniture. I had room to peacefully practice yoga.

Seeing the apartment’s possibilities also spurred me into action: now that I can see it, it’s easier to clean it. The emotional cleansing was equally important. More important, honestly. I have pride in my space now, and can invite friends over without a ton of angst. PC changed more than my decor, she changed my mood and gave me great piece of mind.

Never underestimate the power of a good organizer. I encourage anyone feeling stuck to seek out PC for a consultation. She’s professional, kind, reasonable, and has an obvious passion and eye for her work. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat." - Nira H., Writer

Aisha C. Odimayo  Founder, Perfectly Claire

Aisha C. Odimayo

Founder, Perfectly Claire


Aisha C. Odimayo is the founder of Perfectly Claire, a New York City based personal image consulting company. She is an immensely skilled image consultant who serves a broad client base of professionals from attorneys to creatives and media professionals. Her clients always see themselves as they never have, experience greater clarity and confidence, develop a new eye for shopping, and enjoy quicker morning routine. Helping people to refine how they live and show up in the world with intention to empower and inspire happiness is her passion.

She also understands that your space is an extension of your style, so uses an intuitive approach to create clear energy flow for homes and offices. She creates beautiful, efficient, and clutter-free environments for better productivity.

Aisha styles and coaches with a creative sense that was sharpened by being on camera, but also nurtured through decades of ballet and music training, and completing film and art degrees. She is an internationally published model and singer with national TV appearances. As a professional singer, she worked with the industry's best. Living in Nigeria for several years, she designed marketing materials for an intercontinental aerospace company. She is equally as comfortable in artistic and corporate environments and has extremely versatile creative abilities. She dresses anyone for any lifestyle.

Today she manages a growing client base, holds seminars on style transformation, has formal talks with teens about professional and formal dress, and sponsors community events.

Aisha believes that balance is an art. In her busy native New York City she maintains spiritual balance with daily meditation, music, exercise, travel, and lots of love.




Pageant Contestant Coaching

2019 Miss NY Continental Cultural Pageant by the Caribbean American Cultural Group. Each contestant represented a Caribbean country. I coached the girls’ walks, stage presence, public speaking, head and eye movement, on how to move in their various looks, and what attire and accessories to choose for most flattering appearance on stage.

Style Seminars

In this collaboration with with Kingsley Duah, Owner of Privélege, and the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation’s Economic Solutions Center, we presented a seminar called Basic to Boss: How to Dress the Part and Win for young professionals and those seeking an image upgrade. We raffled 2 large Marc Jacobs perfume gift boxes and one Privélege custom suit won by a college student.

Perfectly Claire Winter Coat Drive

I asked friends and family for gently used outerwear, picked up the donations from around the city, and took them to the Urban Strategies Fannie Barnes Residence in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Modeling for a Cause

Helping to promote Higher Heights for America. Higher Heights seeks to elevate Black women’s voices to shape and advance progressive policies and politics by strengthening Black women’s civic participation in grassroots advocacy campaigns and the electoral process. https://www.higherheightsforamerica.org/

Success Fair Style Workshops

APPLOI New Year Best You Success Fair. Apploi was crafted as an evolutionary experience for companies and hiring managers. The app helps people find and apply to jobs in the retail, hospitality, service, and support industries virtually. I was so thrilled to conduct workshops on career dress throughout the day within this super informative free day fair at Brooklyn Borough Hall for people looking to self improve. It included pre-interview relaxation techniques, resume review & interview tips from industry professionals, financial planning & budgeting, and my professional styling tips. The day was capped off with a professional dress runway show. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-year-best-you-success-fair-2016-tickets-20534749990

Backpack and School Supplies Drive

Co-Hosting a Backpack and School Supplies Drive for Hillside House organized by DJ Jon Quick (WBLS, NY) at DL Rooftop.



Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an interaction is your trademark.

Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an interaction is your trademark.

Project Your Best Self

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way." - Albert Einstein

Physical beauty is easily enhanced with your best colors, patterns, silhouettes, and grooming products. Using these enhancement techniques as the basis for image refinement is something I execute with great ease. However, I also work from a place of understanding that attractive energy begins with clarity in the mind and balance within the spirit. So I coach with the intention of release and renewal.

I love watching clients fall in love with a new outward appearance when I use the science of contrast levels, pattern scale, and the perfect fit for image transformation. But the inner work is where the light is born. As we go through the purging process that is inherent to transformation, clients develop better self-care practices in general. I practice and truly believe in the effectiveness of things like breath work, meditation, yoga, and chakra balancing. My purpose is to leave you not only looking your best, but empowered towards your highest self.