We curate wardrobes and spaces for aesthetic harmony and freedom.

Look and live better.


Knowing how to make a powerful impression keeps you confident, charged, and motivated to reach and surpass your goals. We create the most flattering looks for your face and body, and style for your specific lifestyle while also showing you how. Get your day to day wardrobe organized and streamline the way you shop for easier but also more imaginative outfitting. If you are appearing on camera or building brand content, we guide your poses and body awareness to create a stronger, more attractive on camera presence. Know the science behind your own perfect presentation and create more positive resonance with every encounter in real life or online.


When your environment is clean and clear you feel and do better. We methodically declutter and space design closets, homes, and offices with a team of cleaners, movers, painters and helpers. Using an intuitive approach to efficiency, Perfectly Claire transforms clutter into clarity while coaching towards a mindset of release and renewal. Organization may feel like a luxury, but stagnation is far more expensive. Redesign your space for clarity, smooth functionality, and peace of mind. The proof is in the feeling.