Aisha Claire  Founder, Perfectly Claire

Aisha Claire

Founder, Perfectly Claire

About aisha CLaire

Aisha Claire is the founder of Perfectly Claire, a New York City based personal image consulting company. She is an immensely skilled image consultant who serves a broad client base of professionals from attorneys to creatives. Her clients always see themselves as they never have, and experience greater clarity and confidence, a new eye for shopping, and quicker morning routine. Helping people to refine how they live and show up in the world with intention to empower and inspire happiness is her passion.

She also understands that your space is an extension of your style, so uses an intuitive approach to create clear energy flow for homes and offices. She draws from experiences supporting top tier executives and on-air talent, moving entire office floors to new locations, and keeping hectic operations like Milk Studios coordinated day to day. She creates beautiful, efficient, and clutter-free environments for better productivity.

Aisha is an internationally published model with national TV appearances, working with brands like Nike, Puma, Glamour, and Playtex. She styles and coaches with a creative sense that was sharpened by being on camera, but was nurtured through decades of ballet and music training, and completing film and art degrees. As a professional singer, Aisha worked with the industry's best like John Legend, Luther Vandross, and Carly Simon. Yet, in corporate environments she is equally as comfortable, with work experiences at MTV, Mediavest, the White House, and D. E. Shaw & Co. While living in Nigeria for several years, she designed marketing materials for Spar Aerospace/GS Telecom. Aisha has extremely versatile creative abilities and dresses anyone for any lifestyle.



Four days after being let go from a corporate job, Aisha was hired by a successful venture capitalist in the tech space to manage projects and coordinate his efforts to diversify the industry within the top tiers. It was 2013 and she had also just enrolled into Fashion Institute of Technology's Image Consulting program. Happily working remotely for two years, she traveled Europe, across the US, and throughout the Caribbean, enjoying a newfound love of entrepreneurship. Still longing to create visual beauty, one year in, she announced to friends her pursuit to become an Image Consultant. Friends enthusiastically responded and became clients. After numerous referrals over the next year, personal image and on-camera presentation became the company's main focus.

Today she manages a growing client base, holds seminars on style transformation, has formal talks with teens about professional and formal dress, and sponsors community events.

Aisha believes that balance is an art. In her busy native New York City she maintains spiritual balance with daily meditation, music, exercise, travel, and lots of love.