The Process

In my process I choose pieces based on how much they flatter your unique features. We create what I call a Lifestyle Inspired Style Template (LIST) and I style from there. I also teach you WHY things work on you or don't. You will learn to create more impact and more positive resonance. Your look sends cues from which people form an impression. I will show you the science behind perfect presentation.

Step 1: I learn about your personality, routine, and personal goals. 

Step 2: I analyze your color, face, and body type to determine your most flattering shades, silhouettes, textures, contrast levels, and shapes/scale of patterns. With this I can brighten your face and accentuate the body parts you love while pulling eyes away from other areas. Your LIST is created by these first two steps.

Step 3: With your LIST in mind, I sort your wardrobe into keep, toss, or tailor/repurpose categories and take inventory to be sure you have the essential core pieces and accessories. We neatly store anything you keep and then shop for anything missing. This step is where many clients express difficulty in letting go or embracing change. We work through this at your comfort level. I have great patience, particularly for purging large wardrobes, and discretion is paramount.