On set with Karma Network's On-Air Correspondents Tamara Laine and Hunter Walker. There can be no slight imperfections on camera. Not even a wrinkle in a silhouette. On Tamara, I am pulling and clamping any wrinkles in the fabric that show up against the backdrop. On Hunter, I'm making sure there are no small kinks in her chainy necklace.

Here I was at work at Karma Network's At a Glance Holiday Pop-Up Show as set designer and image consultant for the correspondents. The hosts brought their own wardrobe and I perfected them for camera. No kinks in Hunter's necklace, no boxy cuts in Lucy's jacket. Our guest Dr. Robi Ludwig (pictured with me) talked about her book " Your Best Age Is Now". Grace Hightower Dinero (pictured with Lucy and our Karma Network CEO, Karam Hinduja) talked about Coffee of Grace. My job was also to make sure every vendor in the room was represented on the shelves of the set. And I ordered the foliage and directed its placement. I added a little table between guest and host by sponsor Karton sustainable furniture. Set dressing comes naturally to me.

Dressed for a work day as red carpet commentator. 

This client purchased a few brightly colored items after the color analysis of our first session. Here in our second session I created combinations from her existing wardrobe that she hadn't considered. I also twisted her necklace to create an alternate look for the multi-strand pearls that created a stronger frame and is more complimentary to her face shape. As she is petite, I did a monochrome look and in another, added a light, lengthy necklace to a solid dress to subtly create length. After my facial analysis during Session 1, she was able to chose patterns that work well with her hair and features. She is perfectly herself. 

Here, I was on a quick shop with this Southern belle who was new to New York City, to find flattering looks. For her, the small ruffles in the bust area of the deep pink shirt are complimentary. Although the sleeves should be tailored a bit slimmer, particularly at the wrist. The belt on her sweater is a great detail for her, and the long, dark jeans and pants fit great and were a win. The black and white dress is great for her body type, but in terms of contrast level, I would suggest a necklace to soften the stark contrast of the colors. She is medium to low contrast, the dress is high. Also I would shorten the tops a little as to allow her curvy legs to shine through.

This lovely young lady usually just wore her jeans with the lower, wide cuff on the right. How much nicer when you can see her gorgeous ankles?! Here I am showing this client how a tweak in the height and width of the cuff can create more impact. It even accentuates her hips. Super cute.

Some every day looks. Perfectly Claire.