PERFECTLY CLAIRE designs closets, homes, and offices with an intuitive approach to efficiency. Things are organized using the idea of mise en place and stored right where you think they should be. Through purging and organizing, we make energetic room for bright, new things to enter your life. Detox anything that isn't useful or joyful to make way for inspiration, wealth, and good tidings.

“Perfectly Claire has gone in directions I never predicted when I started it to help people with their personal image. But I've learned that visual presentation is visual presentation. For people or places. I simply love beautifying.” - Aisha Claire

Watch Perfectly Claire transform this closet from clutter to clarity in this timelapse video.

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Condominium

Walk-In Closet - 10 Ft. Ceilings

This closet was brimming with clothing, shoes, boots, accessories and luggage. The transformation took 10 hours of organization plus time to assemble steel shelving for accessories, and to paint the edges of the upper shelves. We purchased three corrugated steel shelving units from Ikea for under $25 each, and used the shelves that came with the third one to customize the other two. I designed the shelving units according to the measurements of her shoe heights. Within different sections of the closet, I created space for a growing handbag and shoe collection. Every item in the closet was purged and organized. Clothing was ordered with ROYGBIV by season, with two seasons side by side along the same rod.

On Camera Pop-Up Show Set Dressing

Here I was at work on the Karma Network’s “At a Glance” Holiday Pop-Up Show as set dresser for the correspondents. My job was to make sure that every vendor in the pop-up shop was represented on the shelving, which was the backdrop for the on camera interviews. I worked with the brilliant Marjeth Cummings to source the flowers and succulents according to my mood board for the show, and then worked with her partner to direct its placement on the morning of the show. I then displayed the vendors’ products, added pillows to the chairs, and displayed a little table by our sponsor Karton sustainable furniture, between guest and host.

Boca Raton, FL Home

5,000 Sq. Ft.

This closet was part of a 5,000 sq ft entire home project in Florida. The owner was a repeat client that I'd packed out of a Manhattan West Village duplex, unpacked into a Florida apartment, and who was now newly moving into this home. I unpacked and purged the home, created the winter clothing storage, managed the workmen installing light fixtures and the home theater, managed the delivery and placement of indoor and outdoor plants, and guided the delivery and placement of the owner’s new baby grand piano.

Brooklyn, NY Brownstone

Owner’s Duplex

This was the organization of a brownstone owner’s duplex to prepare for renovations. , and this is before and after a 5 hour organization. In previous days, we'd created the boxes that are stacked in the top left of the photos and in the foreground from loose items on two floors of the home. We are preparing for a gut renovation. The resident still has to live day to day within the space, but also have things ready to be moved out. Before this day, I used one helper to take loose items from around the home and purge, organize, and box them. We then moved those boxes and excess furniture into storage per my suggestion to the client. You can see video of purge day below. The process took 30 hours including the storage day.

Here below, some of my team is moving the boxes into a storage unit. The owner will renovate two floors of the home and then move it all back in. This is approximately 20% of the things in the home. This project is still underway today.

Harlem 3 Bedroom Pre-War Apartment

This project was the home of an older woman with a daughter in the midwest that flew in to try to purge the home. She took everything out of their closets when she got there and then realized it was all too much. A friend recommended Perfectly Claire and this was the result. Here are the dining room and living room befores and afters.

Retail Merchandise Display

Working with Visualoso last summer on this installation at Christie & Co. Salon in Bayside, Queens. I determined placement and applied butterflies and sunflowers to the windows, arranged products on the shelves, and hung decorations from the ceiling.

Sheepshead Bay Home

Decluttering and furniture photo shoot for furniture sales.

In this job, 4 rooms were reorganized in 7 hours to create clear setups for photographs of furniture. We then conducted online furniture sales of 20 pieces. Working with a team of three, we emptied the contents of the cabinetry and removed unwanted furniture from the home. Here is the living room and photos of how much the owner was able to remove from her space.

Bronx Storage Unit

Purge and Move Out

Our team purged the belongings of a hoarder that were in a storage unit. It had been sitting, paid for at approximately $150/month for six years until this day. Almost 2000lbs of trash was discarded. It was weighed at the dumpsite. Video below.