Instant Zhoozh

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Organized Closet
Closet Rx The Remedy.jpg
Organized Closet

Instant Zhoozh


The Closet quick fix.


Option 1:

▪  1 In-home session

▪  Facial analysis, color analysis, and body analysis.

▪  Purge your closet to release the old.

▪  Create new in season looks with what you already have.

We use the "Keep, Toss, Tailor, Repurpose" method to eliminate clutter and refresh your style.

Option 2:

▪ As an alternative to a home session, you may book a prescription session and 4 hour personal shopping session.

Comment most heard during styling sessions: “I never thought to wear this together with that but I love it!”

Furniture and container recommendations are also included.

*Transformation results will vary by intensity of closet clutter. Additional hours may be needed for best result.

*This price includes the styling and organizational services of Aisha Claire. It does not include additional personnel such as cleaners, movers, painters, and builders.

For larger packages, please send us an email.  

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